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Scandinavia 18,- EUR / 18,- USD
Away for a while 18,- EUR / 18,- USD
New Shoots - Old Roots 13,- EUR / 13,- USD
Two Ways (remastered) 18,- EUR / 18,- USD
Between Earth, Sea & Sky 18,- EUR / 18,- USD
My imaginary Garden 18,- EUR / 18,- USD
Everything will be all right 18,- EUR / 18,- USD
Song for the Earth 18,- EUR / 18,- USD
On the Water 15,- EUR / 15,- USD
Another World - Solo Harp 15,- EUR / 15,- USD
Special-Package (only available in Europe !!!)
1 CD "Away for a while" or "Scandinavia" plus another CD of your choice
(Please write the CDs of your choice on the order form)
32,- EUR
3 CDs of your choice
(Please write the CDs of your choice on the order form)
  45,- EUR / 45,- USD


Spirit of Harp 24,- EUR / 25,- USD
Music from an imaginary Garden (for piano) 13,- EUR / 15,- USD
Preseli Skies - African Reflections 20,- EUR / 22,- USD
New Shoots - Old Roots 22,- EUR / 25,- USD
Compilation Coming Home 22,- EUR / 25,- USD
Die Birke (The birch tree) 10,- EUR
Hamabe no Uta 7,- EUR
On the Water 18,- EUR / 20,- USD
On the Water (2nd harp parts) 13,- EUR
Another World - Solo Harp 18,- EUR / 20,- USD

Set Prices:

New Shoots - Old Roots (CD and book) 32,- EUR / 35,- USD
On the water (CD and book) 32,- EUR / 35,- USD
On the Water (Harp Solo and 2nd harp ) 28,- EUR / 28,- USD
Another World (CD and book) 32,- EUR / 35,- USD
all prices without shipping!

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