Away for a while

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Imagine being away for a while, being unavailable to the world, not needing to think about anything, not needing to do anything, just being...
Imagine experiencing the expanse of the sky, the sound of the ocean or the fragrance of a flower...
Leaving the pressures of life behind you, let yourself go into the present moment...

This is the ninth CD by Monika Stadler (Harp & Voice), all original compositions except "Summertime" by George Gershwin, arranged by M.Stadler. Inspiried, varied and atmospheric, with elements from Jazz, World Music, Free Improvisation, Classical and African Music.

Heinrich von Kalnein (Sax, Flute alto)
Harald Peterstorfer (E-Bass, Guitar)
Wayne Darling (Acoustic Bass)
Jürgen Spiegel (Drums)
Gerald Endstrasser (Drums)
Franz Schmuck (Percussion)


Preseli Skies (mp3, 1.2 mB)
Away for a while (mp3, 2 mB)
Weightless (Schwerelos)*
Wildwood Whispers (mp3, 2.1 mB)
Dear to my Heart
Is there anyone there?*
African Reflections (mp3, 1.4 mB)
Happy little Cat
Spirit of Air (mp3, 2.7 mB)
Neuer Maitanz (mp3, 5.7 mB)
Bohemian Waltz (Entschleunigungswalzer)
Detached (Losgelöst)*

* real time composition

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