My imaginery Garden

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"Go into the garden and listen to the stillness between the sounds. This is the true music of nature."
from Japan

A unique album, full of irresistible poetry, breathtaking virtuosity, and astonishing improvisations, all accompanied by the familiar charm of that composer and harpist who seems to draw from unlimited resources - Monika Stadler.

Maria Stadler (Violin)
Reinhard Ziegerhofer (Acoustic Bass)
Franz Schmuck (Percussions)
Richard Österreicher (Harmonica)
Gerald Endstrasser (Drums)
Harald Petersdorfer (Guitar & Synth)


Snow Falls Silently In My Imaginary Garden.mp3 (mp3, 1.385 kB)  
Tomorrow I Will Find You
Last Days of Summer (mp3, 1.189 kB)  
Sternenfrau (astral woman)
It's Time to Say Goodbye (mp3, 1.562 kB)
My Sister's Song (mp3, 847 kB)  
I Feel Good (mp3, 900 kB)
Lullaby for a Little Girl
Aus der Stille meines Herzens (From the Stillness of My Heart) (mp3, 1.386 kB)
Wassertropfen (Drops of Water)
Kaskaden (Cascades) (mp3, 867 kB)
Offering to the Spirits (mp3, 867 kB)
Reflections on the Water
Garden, Japanese Style

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