Everything will be all right

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This CD, exclusively with Monika Stadler's own compositions (Harp&Voice), is a symbiosis of the structure of classical music, the freedom of jazz improvisation and the influence of foreign cultures.

This CD also features Jon Sass (Tuba), Daniel Tschida (Indian Flute), Reinhard Ziegerhofer (Acoustic Bass) and Franz Schmuck (Percussion).


No One Can Stop Me Now
Träumend (Dreaming)
Everything Will Be All Right (mp3, 1.094 kB)
Good Bye My Love, I Wish You Well
Scandinavia (mp3, 1.220 kB)
Die Birke (mp3, 2.112 kB)
Wohin? (where to go?)
Nachtwind (mp3, 870 kB)
Fruehling (Springtime) (mp3, 1.435 kB)
Hamabe no uta (Beach Song)
Gemma's an (Let's Get Started) (mp3, 1.573 kB)
Japanese Diary (mp3, 1.006 kB)

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