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A live recording from the Thomastik Infeld - Haus der Kultur (Cultural House), A - 7131 Halbturn. This CD was not planned, it simply happened! As the recording was so good, we made a CD of it. It contains original compositions by Monika Stadler and Wayne Darling, as well as Louiz Bonfà's jazz standard Black Orfeus and a beautiful Swedish folk song. A CD fullof the fresh, dynamic, utter joy of playing music, combined with masterful talent and deeply touching musicality.

Monika Stadler (Harp & Voice)
Wayne Darling (Acoustic bass & Waterphone)


1. Black Orpheus (L. Bonfa)
2. Scandinavia (M. Stadler) (mp3, 1.5 mB)
3. Gone Again (W. Darling) (mp3, 1.3 mB)
4. O tysta ensamhet (Swedish Traditional) (mp3, 1.7 mB)
5. Intro: Waterphone Improvisation (W. Darling) (mp3, 1 mB)
Snow Falls Silently In My Imaginary Garden (M. Stadler) (mp3, 1.1 mB)
6. No One Can Stop Me Now (M. Stadler) (mp3, 1.1 mB)
7. Broasted in Brockway (W. Darling) (mp3, 1.2 mB)

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